February 2008

















It can safely be said that ‘Hospitality’ has never had a reception in Room 2 as it did with Lifted Music. Spor, Chris Renegade and Apex demonstrated exactly what the fuss about Lifted is, joined by Noisia, The Upbeats and Inside Info for an incredible and memorable night. With a crowd not yet witnessed by a Room 2 at ‘Hospitality’, the overwhelming feedback favoured the Lifted Music showcase – a feat not exactly easy to achieve against the highly sought after Hospitality. This as-of-yet one night only event was not to be missed, but for those who did – the feedback and reviews say it all.

Posted On 26/02/2008


Join Hospital Records for their 11th ‘Hospitality’ night on 22nd February 2008, as they showcase Lifted Music. Spor, Chris Renegade and Apex are joined by Noisia, The Upbeats and Inside Info for room 2's biggest DJ lineup to date. Hosted by Stapleton MC, MC AD and Ruthless this room is not to be missed.

Posted On 11/02/2008



Russia. The Motherland. The adopted home of both Lifted Music and Breed12inches. The one country where every day and night is guaranteed to be interesting, for one reason or another. Having played out there a number of occasions, and at times having problems leaving, Spor, Chris Renegade and Apex ventured to Omsk & Chelyabinsk for some Russian Lifted Sessions. Russia is known for its tremendous appreciation for Drum and Bass, and this was no different. Packed to the rafters, the Russian crew was rewarded for their love of Lifted Music with an all out assault of the senses by Lifted trio Apex, Chris Renegade & Spor. 4 hours of exclusives, dubs and classics was just about enough to demolish the Russian audience, but always enough to leave them wanting more.  The guys truly enjoyed experiencing these two towns, and are looking forward to going back. (However cold -30 degrees feels.)



Posted On 11/02/2008