July 2008



Over the short period since Lifted Music’s inception, we’ve been privileged enough to have been supported by many around the globe. None, however, have shown quite the support that these two from Australia have. Levitating beyond their peers, Aden Harnett and Kieran Fenner from Perth, Australia, have dedicated their left arms to the Lifted cause, with these heavy pieces of ink to permanently remind them of our sound. With eternal thanks and gratitude, the crew at Lifted Music salute you both.


Posted On 30/07/2008

podcast_011Roll on Lifted Music Podcast 011, where Spor and Chris Renegade open with a brand new track from co-host Spor, forthcoming on a as-of-yet untitled Lifted release. Dubs, drinks, and a slightly twisted sense of humour set the tone for Podcast 011, available via iTunes.

Download the podcast by subscribing to iTunes (or by visiting our podcast page):

Posted On 17/07/2008