August 2008


In a scene which some view to be growing stale, and in need of something refreshing and new, who else to fill that void then acclaimed producer Spor. Providing his debut 12” single release for Lifted, the A-side ‘Claret’s March’ has been viewed as the most ground breaking track of recent years, whilst the B-side ‘Stoppit’ is gloriously quirky – yet still a smasher. Unlike anything anyone has ever heard, LFTD005 really has to be heard to be understood. Drum and Bass becoming stale? Lifted Music most definetely thinks otherwise.

Promo: 18.08.08

Full Release: 08.09.08.

Posted On 04/08/2008


Formed in Harpenden Hertfordshire, Lifted Music Football Club is the product of Lifted Music owner and Lifted FC chairman Chris Renegade. Managed by a sturn, yet tactical manager named Craig Tanner, Lifted Music FC was promoted during their first season, and is on top form just behind the leaders in the current season’s campaign. Currently placed at Folly Fields, Wheathampstead in the Hertfordshire Review Sunday League, chairman Chris is optimistic that the team can carry out their relentless form and secure a top 3, or better, finish at the end of the season. To all Football fanatics, or “Soccer” to our (backwards) transatlantic friends, you are able to follow Lifted Music Football Club’s progress throughout the season at, which feature weekly game previews and results, team sheets, and various club information.

Chris quoted “I started the team just for a bit of fun really and so my mates could keep fit and healthy. I soon realised I’d like a nice looking website, and before I knew it, we had everyone and their dog wanted to play for us. I don’t get to watch them much due to travelling at the weekend, but it’s good banter when we win. My team don’t call me Chris, Renegade or my real second name; I’m often referred to as “Roman” after Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC. Nutters”

Support your sound, and now support your new team. We are Lifted Music Football Club.




Posted On 01/08/2008