May 2009

podcast_014Highly anticipated, and slightly late due to touring, Spor and Chris Renegade return for Podcast 014, the official Lifted Music Podcast. Featuring the A-side of the forthcoming Breed12inches release, and a brand new ‘Demolition room’ track pipped for release through Breed, and the usual Podcast ventures are in full swing. Available via subscription on iTunes. Go get it!

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Posted On 07/05/2009


After the overwhelming feedback the previous instalment from Breed 12 inches received, it is now time, once again, for Breed to cement its name amongst the rising labels. Seemingly shaking off the 'Lifted Music sister label' tag, and nurturing talent at a ferocious rate, Breed 12 Inches presents BRD003. Unlike previous Breed releases, BRD003 showcases a 12" centred on one future artist and their partnership - Utopia. Hailing from Russia, artists Kubrak and Error join forces to bring this exciting and vibrant new partnership to the scene. The debut release from Utopia, 'Force of Mind', is featured on the A-side - with Kubrak holding his own on the B-side with his dancefloor crushing 'Fast Forward'. A step on from the previous release, Breed 12 inches looks to push the expectations and standard of rising artists, and BRD003 looks set to be a fine example.

Available on 12" vinyl as well as a digital MP3 release, promos are slated for 18.05.09, with the full release due 08.06.09. As ever, audio previews are available over at the official Breed 12 Inches YouTube channel.



Posted On 04/05/2009