March 2010


March 29th 2010 marks a historic day for Lifted Music, with Spor at the centre of attention. The most anticipated release of the year has finally landed, and we know it was worth the wait. Fronted and packaged by some of the most intricate,

and downright naughty, artwork we've seen yet, the 'Conquerors and Commoners' EP is finally available worldwide from all good outlets. If, for some unknown reason, you haven't managed to catch a ear of the 4 masterpieces yet, head on over to the Official Lifted Music Youtube page to review the tracks. Otherwise, head straight over to your desired outlet for your own copy or get it from us directly by purchasing from shoplifted.

Four of the most exciting tracks to date from Spor, the ‘Conquerors and Commoners’ EP is a benchmark for both Lifted Music, and the scene as a whole.

Posted On 29/03/2010


We've had a re-stock of the lifted shirts all ready for the summer! Some sizes & colours are already sold out, so grab yours before some other fashion junkie does...

Posted On 17/03/2010

Two of Canada’s greatest dubstep exports have landed on the LFTD soil, and my have they left an imprint. Currently being played to death on YouTube with over 24,000 views on one video alone, as well as being cained in both DnB and Dubstep sets, the dynamic duo have opened the ears of many to the Lifted Music sound. In keeping with the progressional vision that Lifted strives to maintain, their exciting take on Apex’s ‘Nowhere To Run’ leaves little room for pussy-footing, demonstrating that raw, trademark aggression blended superbly with Apex’s original vibe.

This release is also available for pre-order on Lifteds online store,

Now, You’d be forgiven if you came across ‘StevenRock137’ on YouTube if you went in search of LFTDSTEP001, as we ourselves did. Not only were you treated to the aggressive sounds of Datsik & Excision, but also a heartfelt message before an onslaught of Dubstep stomping courtesy of Steven.

Unfortunately we couldn't  grasp the full extent of pain from your family loss in the video Steven, but with that in mind, we at Lifted Music salute you, and wish you all the best for the future!!

Posted On 08/03/2010


With a title like that, most of you are already sold. At just over 1 hour long, Chris brings you something to listen to while the guys prepare to record LFTD Podcast 017. Promoters are contracted not to record DJ sets, but as it our good friends down at Garagem we decideded to give this one away. So enjoy and repeat as Chris Renegade & MC AD take you through 60 minutes of exclusives and classics, bundled with Chris Renegade’s trademark high energy style.  You’ve heard about his DJ sets, you may have even been lucky to catch one, now take this opportunity to listen over and over to the man behind the machine.



Posted On 08/03/2010


Finally, Breed 12 inches can give you the debut in their new mix series; ‘Breed 12 inches: The Demolition Room Mix Series’.

Mixed by Label Manager ‘Tallon’, the first chapter is a true showcase of the finest talent the underground has to offer, and a true testament to the label as a finder of this. Already receiving global feedback of epic proportions, not to mention a tight-lipped tracklisting, the mix will be the first of many in the series. Available at the Lifted Music forum here, support your sound and witness some of the best unsigned talent around at the moment, courtesy of Breed 12 inches.


Posted On 01/03/2010